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CIJ-based Marking for Ceramic Kiln Furniture

The marking of firing aids is an important aspect in the production of ceramic components. Inkjet processes from Senodis are particularly suitable for applying individual or batch numbers, manufacturing data or product numbers. Marking is particularly important for the traceability and quality control of firing aids as well as the products themselves.


Ceramic kiln furniture is generally used as a product carrier in high-temperature processes and is characterized by high material efficiency. Therefore, similar to functional ceramics, marking is also required here on a small scale. The main reasons for the need for marking are the monitoring of service life and quality assurance measures in the manufacture of individual products and material batches. Using the CIJ printing process and high-temperature inks matched to it, Senodis makes it possible to print very small codes. The inks used can have different contrasts depending on the material. For silicon carbide substrates in particular, Senodis uses aluminum oxide inks with high white contrast (after temperature exposure). Depending on customer requirements, clear characters or company logos can thus be applied to the components in addition to the DataMatrix code. Including an industrial scanner for recording the coding and integrated data connection to customer systems, Senodis supplies a complete solution for marking, traceability and production optimization in the field of ceramic kiln furniture..


  • Quality control through traceability of material batches, individual components and associated process parameters
  • Error prevention and scrap reduction through lifetime control
  • Increased efficiency through inventory management and better planning of production processes
  • Fast and reliable identification of defective parts


The marking solution can be integrated into both existing and new plants. For this purpose, Senodis provides individual integration concepts that can be customised to each production line. In addition to pure integration, the positioning, shape and type of coding can also be individually adapted. Furthermore, intelligent concepts can minimise manual handling steps during operation. 


The high-temperature precursor ink used (up to > 1,600°C) was specially developed for functional ceramics and can be provided to the customer in different variants. By using different contrast materials, light, dark as well as colour changes or UV contrasts can be created with the ink in the manufacturing process. The marking remains permanently on the components and is machine-readable.


CIJ printers (Continuous Inkjet) are compact inkjet printers that print on different materials with a continuous inkjet. They are used in various industries such as electronics. They are particularly suitable for small fonts or codes and can be operated with different inks, such as precursor, pigment or organic inks.

The marking solution has local data recording and data storage. Integration into the customer’s IT environment can be easily implemented via standard interfaces (Profinet, OPC UA, Modbus TCP). Senodis’ resources can also be used to address other individual customer requirements for the implementation of IT solutions.



In general, the CIJ printing process requires very little maintenance and has automated cleaning cycles that can be adapted to customer needs within the Senodis environment. In addition, Senodis offers an emergency service and regular safety inspections to ensure trouble-free operation of the marking system.

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