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Customized Solutions on the Way to the Digital Factory

With its solutions, Senodis brings its technologies into industrial application. By combining industrial marking solutions and software-driven data processing modules, Senodis delivers customized products for different industries or individually for each production line, enabling the development of efficient and quickly implementable solutions for parts marking and data processing.


CIJ-based marking for ceramic kiln furniture

With the marking processes used by Senodis, quality assurance processes for ceramic components can be optimized and rejects or post-production can be avoided.

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CIJ-based marking of ceramic components

With Senodis marking solutions, these can be provided with a permanent marking despite high process temperatures of up to 1600°C, allowing process and material parameters to be recorded and further processed.  

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Individual component fingerprint in solid forming

With the ID fingerprint technology developed by Senodis, marked components can be recognized even if large parts of the code are missing.

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Markings for 3D metrology

With the help of CeraCode ink, a temperature-stable ink specially developed for hot forming, the regular patterns can be applied to the components very easily and quickly before the forming process.

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CeraCode: Individual part marking in press hardening

CeraCode® ist eine integrierte Lösung aus temperaturbeständiger Tinte, Industriedruckern, Scannern und einem intelligenten Datenverarbeitungskonzept.

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