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Customized Solutions on the Way to the Digital Factory

By combining industrial marking solutions with software-controlled data processing modules, our customers receive customised solutions for their production line that can be implemented quickly. In a wide variety of industries, we thus enable efficient part marking and intelligent data processing.


CeraCode® Base for metals

CeraCode® Base for metals is an integrated solution consisting of temperature-resistant ink, industrial printers, scanners and an intelligent data processing concept specially developed for metallic surfaces with subsequent high-temperature processes.

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CeraCode® Base for ceramic components

Ceramic materials are used in various industrial sectors such as the automotive and electronics industries as well as in energy technology. The labelling and traceability of quality data is of great importance here.

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CeraCode® Flex component fingerprint

Products are often exposed to extreme process temperatures or highly deforming process steps during their creation, processing or finishing, which completely or partially remove the original shape of the component.

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Software Services

Custom software solutions Start SolutionsFrom idea to automated application Do you have a specific problem but no human resources? Your problem can be solved with the right software? Then use our free resources. We ...

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