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Part marking for ceramic products


Ceramic components are used where the highest reliability, best quality and robust operational stability are required. The complete traceability of components and tools, the transparent estimation of the service life or even the assurance of functionality under special conditions are the major tasks around the topic of component-specific individualization. Consequences of a missing marking can be among others:

  • Missing allocation of material batches to the individual component
  • Defect analysis and process improvements are made more difficult
  • Poorer evaluation in sustainability criteria due to lack of coverage of the supply chain

Senodis sets new standards in the handling of these tasks by consistently linking technical solution approaches and direct customer benefits.



Application example: Kiln furniture

Kiln furniture is used to hold and safely transport components in the manufacturing process. In this context, it is not only the monitoring of the kiln furniture with regard to its respective service life that is of interest, but also the recording of information resulting from the linking of kiln furniture, component and process parameters. Senodis ensures the safe linking of this information and at the same time enables the recording of service lives.

  • Most accurate determination of the service life
  • Connection of product and process



CIJ-based marking for ceramic kiln furniture

With the marking processes used by Senodis, quality assurance processes for ceramic components can be optimized and rejects or post-production can be avoided.

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Application example: functional ceramic products

It is not only the supply chain law that demands the greatest possible traceability of individual parts and components. Companies are also striving to link products, processes and information and to enable transparency in the value chain in the interests of their own quality standards. Senodis supports these efforts with component-specific labelling solutions.

  • Traceability
  • Precise assignment of individual components to specific process steps and/or products



Part marking for ceramic products

Ceramic components are used where the highest reliability, best quality and robust operational stability are required. Complete traceability is an elementary component for quality and cost targets.

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