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Tracking & tracing in solid forming and case hardening


Especially with regard to strength as well as energy and material efficiency, solid formed components must be of particularly high quality. The seamless recording of the process chain is therefore of central importance for both manufacturers and customers.

Consequences of a lack of traceability are:

  • Lack of assignability of individual components to concrete process steps and/or products
  • No component-specific containment of defects

Our solutions enable information transfer and data availability along the process chain for a complete component biography. This creates transparency with regard to material and quality parameters.

Use case: Internal Q control solid forming

  1. Senodis_Icons_UseCases_Marking-01
    CeraCode® marking on each component
  2. Senodis_Icons_UseCases_Scanning-01
    Scanning of the respective parts and precise localisation
  3. Senodis_Icons_UseCases_Sorting-01
    Part-specific release possible
  4. Senodis_Icons_UseCases_QualityDeviations-01
    Detection of quality deviations

Tests during series production are elementary pillars of quality assurance. From time to time, specification deviations occur that call the component quality into question. In order to avoid mixing with good parts and to be able to precisely limit errors, we support you with modern track and trace solutions.

  • Precise defect containment
  • Reduction of components to be scrapped
  • Reduction of the scope of sorting measures



CeraCode® Flex component fingerprint

Products are often exposed to extreme process temperatures or highly deforming process steps during their creation, processing or finishing, which completely or partially remove the original shape of the component.

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