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Drop-On-Demand printer:
Definition and application

In addition to continuous inkjet, Drop-on-Demand (DoD) is a frequently used method of inkjet printing for the marking of products and packaging. In the Thermo-DoD process, the ink in the print head is heated. The cloud of steam separates and ejects droplets. In the Piezo-DoD process, the ink jet is broken down into drops by rapidly deformable piezo elements. The opening of the nozzles takes place with a frequency of max. 1000 Hertz with the piezo method. With the Thermo-DoD process, however, ink drops can be ejected at up to 15 kHz. Areas of application for these processes include high-resolution marking such as direct marking of plastic profiles and steel pipes or of building material products and metal components. DoD is particularly characterized by its high level of robustness compared to other printing processes.