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Markings for 3D Metrology

With the help of 3D measuring systems, forming degree analyses and simulations of geometries are carried out in sheet metal forming, among other things. This requires regular, temperature-resistant marking patterns on the components. We supply the marking solutions required for this - tailored to your needs.


For an accurate assessment of the forming results during press hardening, fine marking of the components is required. For this purpose, a hexagonal grid pattern is usually applied to the objects via laser. This process is associated with high investment costs and safety precautions.

Our technologies offer a more cost-effective and simpler alternative: with the CeraCode® ink, the regular patterns can be applied to the components, for example, via airbrush systems before the forming process.



  • Low investment costs
  • Temperature resistant, simple marking
  • Fast application time
  • Flexible use due to mobile installation


The application of the regular patterns can be automated, semi-automated or manual. Due to the flexible and simple production of the stencils, different patterns can be printed on components depending on the requirements.

As standard, we use the industry-proven CeraCode® ink with a high contrast. Due to the use of inorganic materials, it is long-term resistant after high-temperature processes. But other inks with different contrasts can also be used.

One possibility for applying the patterns is the drop-on-demand (DoD) process. This technology allows the printing of a wide variety of patterns and is particularly suitable for automated integration. For manual or mobile installations, we recommend stamping or spray solutions. For example, with the help of an airbrush, the ink can be applied to large pattern areas in a short time.

We are happy to support you in the evaluation of the applied samples and the transfer of information. Depending on your needs, we also solve other issues in the area of software and IT.

Automated ink supply and the provision of spare parts are at the core of our services. In addition, your individual needs can be addressed quickly and individually in regular coordination rounds.

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